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Emergency Closure Information

In severe weather the headteacher will make an assessment about whether it is safe and practical to open the school to pupils, the decision will be made as soon as possible in the morning. You will be informed by text message and you will be able to check on the Kirklees website www.kirklees.gov.uk/schoolclosures for a list of school closures.

During bad weather entrances to the school will be limited, so we encourage parents and children to use Firth Street to access school. In the morning the caretaker will clear paths from Firth Street to the main entrance, the key stage 2 entrance and the key stage 1 entrance and to the preschool. There will be no path cleared from the gate at the bottom of the playground from The Lea or to Reception Class entrance. Reception children will use the main front doors during bad weather to access school in the morning and/or at the end of the day.

Please be assured that the decision to close our school is in exceptional circumstances where the safety of your child/ren is the primary concern. On occasion this may be due to the availability of teaching staff who travel some distance to reach school, rather than purely conditions for pupils getting to school.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you would like to receive information and school updates via our text messaging service, please inform Mrs Murray of any changes to mobile numbers.

We would gladly accept help clearing the road for easier access to the site which would also provide parking for staff who have to make a long journey to school. If you’ve a digger to hand all the better!

We will always endeavour to keep the school open if at all possible but the safety of children, parents and staff will always be our priority.


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