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Mission Statement

The Ethos and Values of Shepley First School

  • At Shepley we believe in maintaining a whole school, child centred approach, demonstrating high standards in the quality of teaching and learning we offer our children. 
  • We attempt to address the individual needs of children, remembering that each stage of childhood is unique and should be accompanied by rich experiences.
  • We aim to facilitate each child reaching their own maximum potential in a secure happy environment where they are encouraged to succeed and take risks, not held back by fear of failure.
  • We value the school's relationship within the community of Shepley and look for ways to support each other and work together. This leads therefore to a strong sense of security and belonging within the community for our children.
  • We also encourage our children to develop a wider sense of citizenship by taking an interest and supporting projects nationally and globally

What we aim to do

  • Create an environment that is stimulating, happy, secure and fair in order that children grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence.
  • That children and staff be encouraged to achieve their maximum potential and for all achievements to be valued and recognised
  • To treat our children equally whatever their needs with positive encouragement for their achievements.
  • To promote good behaviour by implementing a policy based on respect for individuals and groups in an environment, where people are treated with equality, whether in terms of ability, gender, race, religion or culture.
  • To build on the partnership between parents and school, giving parents opportunities to be involved with their child's education and acknowledging their crucial role in their child's development.
  • To care about each other and celebrate our similarities and differences.
  • To provide a wide variety of learning and life experiences, which prepare our children to enter the world after formal education is over, as active participants in society.
  • To give our children a secure grasp of the basic skills, particularly in English and Maths, whilst providing a balanced, broadly based, flexible curriculum which incorporates the National Curriculum.
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